Been sitting on this line for quite some time
pondering what ifs, what nots and what I haven’t gots
Delve deep, before you climb mountains steep
slumber, sleep, do not awake this deed
In lingering longer than you need,
desires, dreams, hopes, fears are being fed
Only what you nurture and groom,
will persist, perservere, reach out from the gloom
Those monsters that you barely whisper of
these giants, mountains, rivers, other things
every fear, failure, forsaken (forgotten) memories
That still clinging onto, hoping for, never letting go[1]

[1]yet you wish for freedom –
“you dream of running wild
on fields of gold
with heart so bold),
where nothing ever trips your stride
where being nothing more than you is fine
where every inch of ‘imperfection’ they perceive
is the perfection,
you thought you never could achieve”

just breathe

If need be, on this line I’ll wait for you
feet hanging, swinging, rhythmically,
but I can only paint these pictures with my words
I can only tell of how I found my worth,
my words will flutter, patter, hammer forcefully
my hearts desire not always there to see –

I wish for you to someday, one day, soon day, follow me
and maybe through my actions you could see
that even when in prison, I am free


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