with sepia insight

Sepia Black eyed susans

Thanks to Kala, for allowing me to use her pictures as inspiration. This photo links to her blog.

Sometimes when the world seems harsh and it feels like the sunlight shines too brightly in my unprotected eyes, I tone it down a bit until I find a new light that can softly caress my hurting eyes. Its not that I don’t like the colours or their vibrancy, but sometimes the information just gets too much, crowding my imagination and overwhelming my senses. So would you allow me to just sit down and close my eyes to imagine a new kind of beauty? The beauty that can be found in the simplicity of things.

With colors toned down,
this new sepia insight,
might change perspectives
and we could perceive this life
in a multitude of ways.

So I want to invite you to my side and we could share this beauty, it’s not about being alone. I’d take your hand and tell you the truth, simple as that. Together we can believe in simplicity, so wont you listen to my words?

I love the colors –
these flowers that you gave me,
they tell our story.

You know, I wish I could forget all the horrible things for good, but I know that remembrance come as soon as I open my eyes again. This is just a flight of fantasy, though beautiful, I think. So allow me to lose myself in this moment right here.

Sepia insight,
it might not last till morning,
lets live this moment.