nothing but a few scratches
and maybe a bruise or two
see, I know I’m all black and blue
and discoloration never matches,
but I didn’t come here to fit in
so forget about the state of my skin
I will be coming home tomorrow
despite all my failed attempts
despite all my sorrow along the way
see, I know its scary to look up
from down below, lying on the ground
everything seems so much bigger now
but watch me and maybe help me, if I stumble
because I’m coming out from under the rubble


An appeal

I yearn for change
and I’m tired of dragging out every good feeling
in hopes of a new one quickly succeeding.

I long for a blue sun shining through the night
casting shadows from my outstretched arms
waiting for the silver moon to color my fingertips
so that I can paint the future
and let it drift off into the morning

(Maybe I will be the first
to allow the future to change.

I’d believe that the old can be made new
and that the broken pieces of the world still fit together,
if only we realized that all we need is the right glue

(Maybe all we got to do
is find that elusiveĀ “How to”

If the distant and the near were actually really here
and I could grasp but a speckle of the whole of it all
Yes, I know maybe that that’s an order too tall
but I know that surely there must be a place to begin
if we look around and see the fortunate situation we’re in
why do we not decide to help out our nearest of kin,
because I believe that’s where change should begin

I yearn for change no more
because I have become the catalyst
and now I am here to insist
that you do too

No currency can buy it…

I packed my bags,
though the only thing I had
to fill them with,
was rags.
It didn’t matter,
I shouldn’t need price tags
on a dress of the latest fashion
to make me feel any more special
to keep me going, wherever.

So I packed my bags to leave
on a search for a place
where it was easier to breathe,
where maybe I might achieve
believe in something,
something bigger than me,
bigger than you
something that, not only seems, but is true.

I dived into all the possibilities before me
so many promises
all empty
“life begins with…”
“just do this…”
“then take a bit of …”
sniff, sniff, I’m gettin a whiff
of lies, dipped in truth to hide
the futility of it all,

*sigh*, Whats wrong with you people?
Half baked truths
with a sprinkling of “just in cases”,
just to cover your backs,
in case of any attacks.

There’s no dedication,
this lack, is my frustration
and its not even like I’m any better…
I’m probably the worse of us all
When I have to do something: I stall
and I call it being careful,
sensible, not reckless,
but sometimes it pays to go all in
when its double or nothing:
win or lose.

So today I decide to choose
to do what I believe in,
cause I trust in my faith fully
and on this journey, I’ve already seen
how life would be
if I didn’t believe
and I cannot conceive
my life any way different than it is.

So, with my backpack as light as love
I glance to the sky above
and the sun shines through the rain
the sun shines through my pain
the sun shines, even through the dark.

Its easy to leave the place where I’ve been
cause in the sunlight I have seen
what love really means.

I don’t mind if they point at my bags
laughing at these rags I’m wearing,
cause I’m filled with the kind of gold
that is free to gain,
but precious beyond what I can explain
we all seek it and I’m willing to share
love – unconditional,
love – everywhere.


I drew a line on the center of a page,
so I could ponder it:

that line makes a difference
that line creates sides
We say we won’t choose sides
where does that leave us?

In the middle?

But there is no middle,
only this line that divides.
Picking the line means
picking division,
but even when I’m standing
united on one side,
and you on the other
it still leaves us


Full circle

drop falls
down down down
gravity has no mercy
gravity is calling to me
just give in, let go
dont hold on now
surface ripples
going in circles, around
and around and around and around
encompassing, engulfing, swallowing all that
is on the surface of me, I wonder does it also reach beyond
below the waters that I am hiding underneath
the bottom of me
where I am hiding
away, trying
to keep my sanity
but maybe I should
let go?

Take wing and fly

I cant find the words…

How do I drop
these words into your lap?
I’m too careful
to let them fall carelessly,
but if I can’t speak it
how would you ever learn
the truth?

Only I can hear the beat
of my heart, my feet,
on the tar as I run away,
cause I can’t find the words to say
what it is that I felt that day.

I miss me,
the person I used to be


Now I take every word you whispered
and I polish it till it reflects my feelings
and I smile
cause maybe that was what you meant
when you spoke straight into my heart

But as time passes by
the dust comes to lie
on your words
and they dull
to a throb in my head

I miss me,
the person I used to be


But I can never go back
and I can’t seem to move forward
when I’m stuck trying to find the words to tell you how I feel.


is not coming

It’s already here today
as it was

Freedom came
you never realized

freedom stays
freedom waits

it hangs like wet washing
on the line of your life
flapping in your face
feel its embrace
unpeg your freedom
let it fly.


I touch
a dandelion
and it scatters from my questing finger.

What are you but fragile?
Fluttering away
from my caress.
I saw your beauty from afar
and in wonderment I float
closer to you.

I touched
a dandelion
and it scattered from my questing finger.

What am I then to you?
You a cloud
in the blue sky.
I want to walk in your shade,
but I soon get soaked,
moving closer to you.

I want to touch
a dandelion
but it always scatters from my questing finger.

No mirrors

These fires are burning
roaring through thirsty trees
crackling, hungry to engulf,
red hues, smoke (no mirrors).

Embracing the heat
I become one with danger.

“Burn, burn, burn, burn me!
Till I am no one, nothing
Till I fade out of existence,
no need to remember who I was”

Touch the red hot flames barehanded,
and draw it into you’re chest
until a heart is seared,
blackened charcoal (no mirrors)

Cast it away from you
It means nothing

“Bring me those mirrors!
I wan’t to see the scars left behind.
I refuse to fade from existence,
Reflect myself till thousandfold.”