about time

I live in slow motion
waiting, waiting
when will you catch up?

I live
one step at a time
I take two steps

I don’t like to glance
so I put myself
and stare

I dare you to walk like a wizard
slowly, but with purpose
gliding through time.

The difference between now
and then
is when,

when I see you again
we’ll know

it’s about time


when you forget me

when you forget me
dont feed my midnight whispers to the paper shredder
of your mind
snippets of my being will persist
to the cracks and crevices
of a lingering memory
and never will you be able
to go back
or forward
dont forget me
just allow me to leave
and i will set you free

See me

this window

is stained

with preconceptions

and you stand over there


wipe the grains from your eyes

and see me

look at me

find me

why do you still hide who I am

behind all these misconceptions


my fairytale


the blue sky was golden
sunset lived in the back yard
and dawn carpeted my floors

i wore the moonlight by night
danced on star strewn floors
because my sky was yours

upon a time


with painstaking precision
you make your incision
and carve out your life
with the same blunt knife

day by day

you never step away
to appreciate
what you
have made

how long
will it take
before you see
the beauty
you have achieved

and so you’re never really gone

as I get closer to you
I bask in your sun
and swim beyond the break
of your waves
I collect these moments
like empty sea shells,
tokens of our collision
no matter who leaves first
I will be the one left
with grains of you
stuck on all that I am


my smile is bent
my courage spent
i walk a line
i cannot see
and lately
it should have been
about me, only me
but life steals
my breath

i close my eyes
and dream of love
arms around me
because every hit
causes pain
and nothing changes
when all stays the same

i wan’t to write
something beautiful

i feel
bent and broken
searching for a token
all i know is
no one ever chooses
to live with all these bruises