The third and final part of the story.  I’m working on a sequel, it might turn out to be longer than a short story, but I’m thinking of posting the chapters here as I finish them.

Part III



“Myra, wake up. Myra!” As she opened her eyes she saw Yadira staring at her. “You were having a bad dream. I think. You were screaming.”

“Yadira! I have to see Miki. I think I remember something. I had a dream, I must tell her about it!”


What lies ahead


It’s been two days since her rescue. With her memories coming back in fragments, Myra is starting to feel the pain of losing her mother. When she told the Tree Queen, Miki, about the message from her mother, the Queen turned ashen.

“I will have to send someone to go back and look for your mother.  I fear that they might have captured her as well.”

“Can I go with?” Myra had asked.

“No, you cannot. It is too dangerous for you; you must stay in the Pockets till we have news of your mother.”


Sighing she stares into the leaves.  She still doesn’t understand a lot of where she is and what’s happening around her, but she understands enough to know that her mother might be in danger and she can be of no help at all.  She still has to recover most of her memories.  Chi says the only reason she is even able to get her memories back is because of the healing powers of the Tree People and that the Pockets are places of healing as well as resting.  As she stares into the nothingness that feels like her future she hears the leaves whisper softly:


As the last words fade

When the performance is done

And the curtain falls

The writer takes up his pen

And a new story unfolds


Dawn: The break of day

This is the the second part of my short story.

Part II

Dawn: The break of day

As dawn approaches,

The sun lifts it head and yawns –

Its breath warms the earth.

The tree people

Their flight into the woods was easier than Myra thought it would be. As soon as their pursuers reached the edge of the woods they stopped and mulled around as if uncertain whether to continue or not. This baffled Myra, ‘Why would they not come into the woods’, as she pondered this they moved further into the woods and the trees obscured her view of their pursuers. They travelled like this for another hour before they slowed down. By this time the sun had already come up and streaks of light filtered through the green foliage of the forest.

As they moved deeper into the forest the trees began to thin out and soon they came into a clearing.

“Welcome to my Pocket”, Chi said as she jumped off her horse.  “We can stop here and rest awhile. We should let Mother know we’re here.  She’ll summon us when she’s ready.”

“I’ll go”, Caedmon said, as he got back onto his horse and sped off into the woods.

“Where are we?” Myra asked. “It doesn’t look like anyone lives here.”  Looking around her all she could see was the circular shaped clearing and the forest surrounding it.

“We’re at Chi’s Pocket,” Yadira said as if Myra was supposed to know what that means.

“Yeah I know that, she already said so, but what is a Pocket?”

Disbelievingly Chi and Yadira stared at each other.

“She doesn’t know what a Pocket is,” Chi said, shaking her head. “Don’t you know of the Tree people?”

“The tree people?” Myra creased her forehead trying to find some sliver of lingering memory. “I don’t know, maybe I’ve heard of it. I can’t remember anything.”

“Well do you remember how we got out of the keep?”

“Yes, you transformed in some kind of tree. I don’t know exactly how that got us out of there, but that much I do remember.”

“That’s one of our ‘abilities’. I am one of the tree people; we call ourselves the Children of Trees.  The Tree Queen is known as Mother and she is the one who send us to rescue you.  We all live in Pockets, which is basically just a clearing in the woods. Pockets are hidden from everyone except the Children.”

“So this is where you live?”


It took another hour before the summons from Mother came.  Chi had made them a bed of moss and shaded it with some kind of leaf then to Myra’s astonishment Chi went to the middle of the Pocket and started transforming.  It was like the first time she saw it, with roots springing from Chi’s feet and burrowing into the ground, and then once the roots were strong her hair started to grow, branching out, forming the branches of the tree. Soon there was nothing left of the green haired girl and in the middle of the Pocket stood a tree, its leaves softly swaying in the wind. Yadira told her that that was the way the tree people rested.


The Main Pocket, as Chi explained, was the home of the Tree Queen, but also a get together place for the tree people.  It resembled a small town with its makeshift shelters for shade from the sun arrayed in a circular fashion around a huge tree standing in the middle of the pocket.  The Tree Queen, a frail looking woman, with the most beautiful silver gray hair and nut brown eyes, sat on a throne nestled between the roots of the tree.

“Welcome child,” she said looking at Myra. “My name is Miki. I am the Mother of Trees. You and I have much to discuss, but first do you know your name?”

Not knowing what was expected of her, she gave a quick curtsey, “An honour to meet you Mother, unfortunately I cannot remember much.  My captors had taken all my memories. I can however still remember how to write my name even though I cannot read it myself.”

“Well now, let me see your name then.”

After Myra wrote her name on a piece of paper and gave it to the Tree Queen, they spoke about a lot of things. Mostly Mother spoke of her dream, the dream that told her to save Myra.  She said that Myra was the one that send the dream to her and that she had to find her memories.

That night they all slept in the Main Pocket, except for Chi that mumbled something about space and went to sleep in her own Pocket. As Myra laid down to sleep she thought about how the previous night she was just about to give up hope of ever being rescued and now a day later she was free.


The heat was starting to get unbearable as Myra ran through the house looking for her mother.

“Mom! Where are you? Mooom!”

“Myra! I’m over here.”

Following her mother’s voice Myra ran to the kitchen. As was with the rest of the house the heat in the kitchen was just as bad.  Her mother was lying on the floor, perspiration dripping from her face.

“Mom!” Myra ran to her mother and embraced her.  “What’s happening?  I thought the house was on fire, but I can’t find any fire.”

“We have to get out Myr, this is worse than fire. Help me up; the heat has made me weak.”

As they collapsed on the grass outside the house, Myra looked at her mother questioningly.

“Myr, you know I love you don’t you?”

“Of course I do mom, you tell me so every day.”

“You have to trust me love, I have to send you away. You must find Miki, tell her what happened here.”

“Who is Miki mom? Where will I find her? Why can’t you come with? What happened here? What is happening?”

“You ask too many questions I don’t have time answering.  Tell Miki, that they have found me. Go now, they’re coming.”

As her mother gave her a push, she started falling. The ground gave way underneath her and she kept on falling, screaming as she fell.

Noon: Solitude

This is the first part of my short story, which unfortunately is currently still nameless.  I will post the other two parts tomorrow.

Part I

Noon: Solitude

Nothingness haunts me,

Uncertain future awaits –

Cannot find myself.


As the last traces of memory slips from her grasp she gives a last desperate scream the resulting echo’s teasing her as they fade in and out, duplicating her desperation. She knows no one can hear her and those that can doesn’t care.

She’s been here for what seems like an eternity, having lost all sense of time and even direction. To her the only time she knows is now and the only direction is here. Her link with the ‘outside’ world had come to be the regular visits from the men that came every once in a while with that round metallic device which she had named the extractor. They would order her to look at it, at first she resisted not knowing the purpose of the device, but she soon realized that there is no escape. One of them would just grab her head and force her to look into the little black screen like thing etched into the device. Bracing herself she stared into the screen expecting the worst to happen, but all she could see was flickering images. With closer scrutiny she realized it was a replay of recent events, how she was captured and brought here, playing backwards, starting from her coming into the cell and going back the her capture and then events before that. That same night as she lay on her bunk (how considerate of them) and thought about the device, she realized she could not remember how she ended up in this cell. With a start she sat up, hitting her head on the low ceiling above her bed, “They’re erasing my memories! I will soon forget everything.”

The slamming door echo’s down the endless passages as the men leave the room for the last time. Sighing she falls on her bunk, her fingers following the traces of the letters engraved into the walls, M Y R A. This is the only link she had left of the past. And even though now she had forgotten the art of reading she knows that it spells her name. Her past is locked up in those four letters and if she ever gets out of here alive it will be her only hope of finding out who she was…who she is. As she drifted off to sleep she couldn’t help but wonder what would happen to her now that they got what they wanted from her.


A far off rumble shakes her from her dreamless sleep. As dust sifts from the ceiling she curiously gets up to investigate the cause. Shaking the dust from her clothes she looks around her cell noticing nothing have changed, all hope dissipated into nothingness leaving an empty shell of desperation. “I’m never getting out of here”, the thought alone made her stomach heave. As if the universe heard her moaning and could take it no more her cell door cracked open just a little bit. As light flooded into the cell, throwing shadows everywhere, a face peeped around the door.

“Oh there you are”, a voice said quite exasperated. “I’ve searched nearly all the cells, and believe me some I wish I’d rather left locked.” Myra stared at the green haired girl in disbelief, finding it difficult to belief that this child indeed came to rescue her. The idea of rescue already seemed so far-fetched that combining it with the possibility that a child of no more than, it seems, 10 years old would be able to infiltrate this fortress and save her from this long solitude.

“Are you coming or what?” the urgency in the girls voice brought Myra back to reality. “Who are you?” she now asked still perplexed at the current state of affairs, “Why would you come rescue me?”

Exasperated the girl grabbed Myra’s arm and started pulling her to the door, “Come now. Talk later. Caedmon said the distraction would only keep them busy for 10 minutes. I’ve already wasted 7 searching for you. If we leave now, we could still make it”.

Still protesting Myra started following her. “How can we get out of here in just 3 minutes?” she asked as they started running down the hallway.

“Just follow me, we need to get to an open space, one of the upstairs rooms will work quite nicely.”

As the girl closed the door behind her she said, “My name is Chi, I am part of a team of three that were sent to rescue you. We have less than one minute. Give me your hands please.” Reluctantly Myra stretched out her hands to Chi, it’s not like she had any better options. Again Myra heard the rumbling of earlier and saw the roots springing from Chi’s feet, burrowing into the floor, shaking the room. As the roots got stronger the girls’ hair started to grow, branching out into the room. As Chi transformed, Myra could sense that she was also changing becoming a part of Chi, disappearing, losing herself.


“Hey, wake up! We’re still a far way from safety”, as Myra opened her eyes she saw the green haired girl, Chi, looking at her. “Sorry I didn’t have time to warn you about what’s going to happen, you’ll feel better in a moment.”

“Hey Chi, don’t play around we have to be ready when Caedmon comes back.” The girl that spoke had dark brown eyes and short black hair curling around a soft friendly face. Offering her hand to help Myra up, she introduced herself, “I’m Yadira, we couldn’t bring an extra horse, so you’ll have to ride with me.”

Still dizzied Myra mounted the horse; she could sense that the flight was not over yet. As they waited, readily seated on the horses, Myra looked around her. It was just starting to get light and she could see the silhouettes of a nearby forest on her left, as her eyes followed the tree line she saw a dark shape on horseback approaching hastily. When the rider was within earshot he called out to them, “Chi, Yadira, follow me we have to get as deep as we can into the forest, I’m being chased.” As if one man all three riders turned their horses towards the trees. Just before they disappeared into the woods Myra looked over her shoulder wondering what exactly were chasing them.