snow in november

when nature turns
upside down
there’s not much
you can do but
go along with it
play this crazy game
of opposites
knit a jersey
when the summer breeze
brings snow
to your doorstep



It’s twice the feeling
like breathing underwater
but knowing of suffocation
expecting to drown
who knows how deep the ocean goes
can you define its depth
how many words would you need
to describe its majestic size
could but one breath be enough
to take in the essence
the density of existing
in such a plane?
everything is like a movie watched in slow motion
but the weight of the water weighs down on you
and you cannot hide forever
you’re a buoyant being
and I’m waiting for you
skimming the surface
hoping one day
you’ll emerge


I wait by the corner of thought. Contemplation is seconds away. Sometimes I allow my thoughts to run free. Dangerous, I know, but a necessary risk to get to know me. Not sure if I’d ever advise anyone else to do so. Get to know me, that is.

I feather my thoughts into the skies, hoping they will come back with snippets of wisdom, truths or anything interesting.

Somewhere in this head of mine I know there is hidden a treasure of stories, poems and such, or maybe just a jumble of words gasping to make sense. Clamoring to be pluck from my mind and placed together in a meaningful way. Someday this might happen.


Maybe never.

lullaby for my love

pluck a feather from the sky
write my love this lullaby
whisper soft like clouds above
trickle taste the rays of sun
this might be the end of day
but dreams will come and fade away
with daylights blush we reunite
but first, I bid you a good night


turn the knob slowly
until you catch my frequency
get to know me
show me how to catch your waves
ignore the interference
we’re better than
the midnight show
the afternoon drive
the breakfast blues

can you walk in my shoes?

keep trying
till you find the right station
I’m here to let you know
I’m on air

I’m going live


shelf life expired
sick and tired
not yet retired
not really that old –
but weathered

this how you make me feel

but you don’t know me
do you?
not at all
I don’t fall forever
kick me all you want
I’ll still stand
long after you’ve left –

what makes you think
I’ll stop smiling
just because you act
that way

same difference

crack me open
what do you find?
lonely girl
in my mind

there’s nothing more to see
leave me be
or come to me
I’ll push you away
it ends the same

I’m not elegant or smooth
I’m chipped, rough and raw
tired and more

I can be as you,
given the right tools
and the willingness to use

crack you open
what will I find?
lonely boy
in your mind.

not the same as me
not the same as he
but still in differences
we’re of a kind

careless conversations

what’s life like from behind your eyes?
I carry my curiosity within me –

who wouldn’t wonder,
you who wander wordlessly –
a salient soul,

and conversation creeps carelessly
to the tip of my tongue
though I’ve surmised,
you have not many words –
but wisdom

I wish to sit by your tree
drink from the spill of your mind –
enlighten me

there is so much I wish to know
most of all

would you listen to my careless conversation
and in midnight whisperings
bare your soul
to me?